40th Indiana Vols., Co. C, Losses at Missionary Ridge

Serg’t Wm. B. Gayley, Company C

From the 40TH Reg’t. Ind. Vols.

Chattanooga, Tenn, Nov. 26, 1863

Ed. Journal – I send you, as follows, a list of the names of the killed and wounded of Company C, 40th Indiana, in the engagement near this place yesterday. Please give it a place in your columns, for the benefit of the relatives and friends-as my company (C) is composed principally of young men from old Montgomery.

Killed – Corporal Robert H. Hanna; Privates Luther Barnes and James R. Skelton.

Wounded – 1st Lieut. Jas. M. Hanna, severely, thigh broken; Sergeants Jas. H. Seaman, flesh wound right arm; Wm. B. Gayley, severely in the head; Corporals Josiah Davis, severely in the right shoulder, Seldon E. Bliss, slightly in right foot; Jno. J. Seaman, slightly in right leg; Thomas C. Welch, severely, right arm broken above the elbow; Privates Peter T. Beaty, slightly in the thigh; Jas. W. Bennett, severely in left temple; Willis Clark, severely in the knee; Ambrose Bell, flesh wound in the arm; Jas. B. Elrod, severely in left breast; John Howard, slightly, by concussion of a shell; Jno. C. Monfort, severely in right breast; Jesse T. Rush, slightly in right arm; Jas. R. Thompson, severely in the knee; W.T. Shepherd, slightly in right arm; Jas. Willis, slightly in right thigh; John Welch, slightly in right fore finger; Aaron Vancleave, slightly in arm and foot.

Respectfully yours,

John R. Connell

Capt. Company C, 40th Indiana

From the “Crawfordsville Journal,” Thursday, December 10, 1863.”


Note: Lt. James Hanna; Sergeant Wm. Gayley; Cpl. Josiah Davis; Privates, James Elrod and John Monfort all died of their wounds. James R. Thompson’s left leg was amputated.


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