Thomas Moody’s Letter Home

“A Letter from “Pony” Moody”

“Waveland Independent, May 31, 1929”

“In reading the following letter wtitten by the late T.N. Moody, you should remember that he had little, if any schooling, and learned to write after he went into the army. In those days even educated people were rather vague in their ideas about punctuation and capital letters.” (W.I.)

Nashville, Tenn.

July the 27, 1864

“Dear Mother it is with mutch pleasure that I seat my self to pen you A few lines to let you know that I am well and hope that when these few lines come to hand They ma find you well and doing well Mother mi wound is getting A long fine it dont pain me anymore worth A cent James E. Sennett he has his ferlow started up good but dont I wish I was A going to get to come home I have a good doctor and he knows what is best for me I will have to as he said let it bea good or bad bad or good but I hope it will bea for the good but I think there will be A chance Starch up mi fine shert hav one or 2 ready for me to ware to the fair if I have good luck I ma be their we dont know what may hapen yet but dont forget to write I like to hear from home while I am hear let it be long or short I just wrote to you on the 12 and Kate Sympson on the 13 I have got the answer to hers and answered it Agane and yet no letter from home but I hope it will bea good for one this evening I dont know how that is but I think it is due time well I have to bea gin to close for this time So no more but remain.

As ever your son un till death

Thomas Moody TO A M Moody Goodbye”

(W.I.) ” Don’t that just sound like “Poney”? In a strange city, wounded, no older than his grandson, Heck Gilliand and yet cheerful and looking forward to a good time at the fair. The wound troubled him all his life and contributed to his death, but he never complained and always had a cherry word.”


Thomas N. Moody enlisted in the 40th Indiana Infantry, Company C, On September 13, 1862, and mustered out on June 14, 1865.  At the time of the above letter, Thomas was still recovering from a hip wound he received on Missionary Ridge.His grave is at the Maple Ridge Cemetery, Waveland, Indiana.


2 Responses to “Thomas Moody’s Letter Home”

  1. Zach Barlow Says:

    This is my great to the 6^ grandpa! I’m having such an amazing time learning about this man!

    • 40thindiana Says:

      Zach, Thimas Moody worked as a farm hand for my 3rd great grandfather Henry Alward Sr.He and Henry Alward Jr. were close friends. When Thomas enlisted Henry Jr. was not yet 18 and had to wait. Henry Jr. was placed in Co. H and Thomas Co. C.Henry Jr. died at Murfreesboro during April ’63. Henry’s Sr. later applied for a fathers pension. In this paperwork I have is a statement from Thomas Moody. Contact me at if you would like a copy.

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