A Light Punishment


Oelewin (Iowa) Register, December 12,1910

Page 2

“Maj. J.C. Hendricks recently related a little story connected with his army experience. He served as Drum-Major of the Fortieth Indiana, and while they were camped at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Col. Benjamin Harrison being in command, Maj. Hendricks was informed that the Thirty-third Regiment Indiana Volunteers, his former regiment, was camped about a mile from them. Naturally, Hendricks was anxious to see some of the old boys. This was on Sunday afternoon and no passes being issued, Maj. Hendricks concluded to go without a pass. After arriving at the Thirty-third Indiana’s camp he met a great number of old friends, and among them was Lieut.- Col. Henderson, who prevailed upon him to remain till after dress parade. When Col. Harrison saw the drum corps marching without their leader, he began to inquire for the drum-major; he was informed that he had gone to visit his old comrades of the Thirty-third. Col. Harrison directed the boys to inform Hendricks to report at headquarters as soon as he returned, which after being informed, he failed to do. The following morning as Hendricks was going from headquarters, he met Col. Harrison. The Colonel stopped him and asked, “where were you yesterday, sir, during dress parade?” Hendricks replied that he was visiting the boys of his old regiment. The Colonel then asked him whether his pass was not out before his return. Hendricks replied in the affirmative, upon which the Colonel ordered him to report at headquarters after breakfast, saying ” I will attend to you, sir.” Hendricks appeared before the Colonel and made a full explanation of his action, after which the Colonel insisted that he would have to punish him for disobeying orders. Hendricks replied that he was ready for the punishment and asked what it would be, when Col. Harrison ordered him to go and drill his drum corps for an hour and a half, which was his regular duty, and Maj. Hendricks to this day congratulates himself upon only having been punished but one time for disobeying orders during his entire time of enlistment and that was not very severe.”

Thanks to Paul Calloway for this submission!


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