Sergeant O’Brien’s Recruit’s

On Thursday, November 26, 1863 an adverstisement was placed  in the ‘Crawfordsville Weekly Journal’ (Montgomery County), by Sergeant Joseph W. O’Brien, of Company H. He had returned home on recruiting duty, trying to replace losses substained in the  1863 Tennessee campaign. He had yet to learn of the great loss in casualties his regiment had just sustained the day before, November 25, on Missionary Ridge. His job as a recruiting officer had just become even more critical for Company H. Sergeant O’Brien would set up a recuiting station in his hometown of Waveland, Indiana.

On Thursday, January 7, 1864, the ‘Crawfordsville Weekly Journal’  ran this article. ”

Serg’t O’Brien’s Recruits

“Our fellow citizen Serg’t Jos. W. O’Brien, since his arrival home, has recruited for the service, principally for his own company, (“H,” 40th Indiana,) the following named persons, who, with but few exceptions, are citizens of Brown Township, this county:

Jerome B. Dooley; 40th, George Rodgers; 40th, Charles Osborn; 40th, Harrison T. Moore; 40th, Hohn Hickman; 40th, John W. Barr; 40th, Thomas Long; 40th, Chancey Smith; 40th, Joseph R. Sharp; 40th, Abner Jarrett; 40th, Samuel E. Shelladay; Company A, 85th Indiana Infantry, Daniel Williams; 126th Indiana Infantry, Joseph Fullinwider; 40th, George Moore; 40th, Joseph Hays; 40th, John A. Reed; 40th, Joseph Belton; 40th, George McIntosh; 40th, William Thompson; 40th, Samuel Eastlack; 40th, Sylvester S. Wolever; 40th, William Batley; 40th, Henry Watts; 40th, Nathaniel McGuire; 9th Indiana Cavalry, Lewis Dorr; 9th Indiana Cavalry, S. T. Whittington; 40th, Andrew J. Hickman; 40th, Aaron Wolever; 40th, William Farris; 40th, Robert Wilson; 40th.

Sergeant O’Brien and his recruit’s would return to the front later in 1864. ‘Company H’ would be up to strength for the start of the long Atlanta Campaign. Battles at Resaca, Kennesaw Mt., Peachtree Creek and Franklin were yet to come. A few of these men would never return home, they would be lost to the horrors of war.

On October 10, 1862, at the age of 33, Joseph Wain O’Brien enlisted  as a recruit in company H, 40th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment  . He was promoted to sergeant on April 1, 1863.  Joseph transferred to Co. C, September 1, 1864 to accept a promotion as 1st lieutenant. On August 15, 1865 Joseph O’Brien was promoted to captain of Company C, 40th Indiana Infantry.  In 1868 after his military years Joseph went west; into the Lumber business with his brother-in-law Hugh McCleery. Joseph was married to Hester Logan, the couple had 2 sons and 1 daughter.  Joesph Wain O’Brien died April 2, 1902 In Oxford, Johnson County, Iowa. 

Thanks to Suezy O’Brien House for the additional information.


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