Stones River Dispatches Recieved by “The New York Times”

Published Jan. 4, 1863

THE VERY LATEST.; A Great victory Won by Gen. Rosecrans. Terrible Slaughter and Reut of the Rebels. BRAGG REPORTED KILLED.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Saturday, Jan. 3.


Telegraphic communication is restored between here and Nashville.

It is reported that Gen. BRAGG was killed to-day.

There has been fighting all day, but no particulars are given.

Our forces are advancing, and the rebels are falling back across Stone’s River.

The following officers are wounded slightly:


Col. BLACK, of the Fortieth Indiana.    Blake

Lieut.-Col. NEFF.   also of the 40th

Col. HILL.

Capt. PATE.

It has been raining heavily all day in the vicinity of the battle-field.


There was heavy cannonading to-day until noon, when the rebels attacked our left wing and were terribly repulsed.

There was very little fighting yesterday.

Our forces do not yet occupy Murfreesboro.

The rebels attacked and destroyed our hospital buildings on Thursday.

The rebels are being strongly reinforced from the rebel army at Richmond.


There was a spirited engagement at Lavergne to-day between the Mechanics and Engineers under Col. INNIS, and Gen. WHEATON’s rebel Cavalry. The latter were routed with the loss of thirty-three killed.

All “contrabands” captured by the rebels on the Federal wagon trains are immediately shot. Twenty thus killed are lying on the Murfreesboro Pike.

Maj. SLENMER and Capt. KING, who were being conveyed away wounded from the battle-field in an ambulance, were captured by the rebels, taken four miles away and then paroled and thrown out on the road.

Gen. WILLICH is not killed, but is wounded, and a prisoner.

Yesterday, Gen. ROSECRANS personally took command of the Fourth United States Cavalry, and attacked Gen. WHEELER’s rebel cavalry, who were cut to pieces and utterly routed.

Captain MACK, Chief of artillery and on Gen. THOMAS Staff is mortally wounded.

A despatch from Col. ANDERSON to Headquarters here says:

“We have whipped the rebels decidedly, and are at Christiana, nine miles South of Murfreesboro on the railroad.”


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Saturday, Jan. 3.

Col. MCKEE is reported killed. Our loss of officers is heartrending.

The fighting to-day has been light. It closed last evening with terrible slaughter of the enemy.


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Saturday, Jan. 3 — 5 P.M.

The first day’s fighting was all our own way, but the right wing of our army fought itself into a bad position.

The third day we repulsed the rebels with terrible slaughter, ourselves sustaining but slight loss.


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