Gen. Wagner’s Shiloh After Action Report


With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh upon us, I thought it proper to post the  report of the Twenty-first Brigade  submitted by General (Colonel at the time) George D. Wagner.

Source: Official Records

Report of Col. George D. Wagner

Fifteenth Indiana Infantry,

Commanding Twenty-first Brigade

Headquarters Twenty-First Brigade

In Camp, near Pittsburg,

Tenn. April 9, 1862

“Sir: I have the honor to inform you that this brigade arrived upon the battle field on Monday, April 7, 1862, in time to participate in the winding up of the great battle of that date. We disembarked, and were immediately ordered by General Grant to re-enforce the left wing of the army, which was then being hotly pressed by the enemy. The Fifty seventh Indiana Volunteers were first engaged, being thrown out and to the right of the brigade and on the left of General McCook, where they did good service, advancing upon the enemy under a heavy fire with the coolness of veterans until the enemy were driven from the field. I was ordered by General Buell to take up position on the Corinth road with the remaining portion of my brigade, to wit, the Fifteenth and Fortieth Indiana and Twenty fourth Kentucky. We advanced in line of battle, driving the enemy before us, until ordered to halt. While holding this position the enemy attacked us with infantry, cavalry, and artillery. The cavalry were soon dispersed by a few volleys from our advanced line with considerable loss to themselves. The infantry retired at the same time. We capture some 40 prisoners, among whom was a field officer, a chaplain, and a surgeon, and retook some of our own men who had been captured by the enemy. The enemy at the same time retreated beyond the range of our guns. I was then ordered by General Buell to retain that position, which I did until your arrival.

“I must be allowed to commend the coolness of both officers and men of my entire command.

“My casualties during the engagement were 4 wounded, all of which were in the Fifty seventh Indiana Regiment.”

I am sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

G.D. Wagner Col,

Colonel Commanding


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