Pvt. Marcus A. Brockway

brockway 40th

Marcus A. Brockway was born in Center Twp., Boone County, Indiana on February 13, 1844. During the month of October 1861, Marcus enlisted as a private in company F, 40th Indiana Infantry. Company F was composed of men mainly from Boone County. Pvt. Brockway was present during all of the 40th Indiana’s hard fought engagements. After the battle of Stones River, he appears on the regimental list of wounded, with the notation “slightly wounded in arm.” His service record states that he was wounded a second time during a skirmish in front of Atlanta, August 3, 1864. Marcus was honorably discharged out of the regiment on December 6, 1864 and returned home to Boone County where he would record a post-war record book of the 40th’s movements, battles, and memories. (link to book http://www.diannedunfield.com/marcus-brockways-40th-indiana-civil-war-record-book/) Pvt. Marcus Brockway died on August 29, 1882, he was laid to rest in the Brockway Family Cemetery, Boone County, Indiana.


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