Company H Weekend at Kennesaw Mt.


June 27, 2014 marked the 150th anniversary of the bloody assault on Kennesaw Mt. by Wagner’s Brigade. If you happened to visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park this past weekend, you were in for a real treat. A group of authentic reenactors chose to recreate Company H, 40th Indiana as their guiding impression to mark the 150th anniversary of the battle. Men traveled form several states to participate as members of the company. If a reader has ever wondered what the Western Federal soldier of the 40th Indiana Reg’t. looked like during the Atlanta Campaign, this image of Company H recreated is spot on.

Standing in this photograph (2nd from the right) is Matthew Rector. Matthew’s great grandfather was Pvt. Jerome Dooley of the original Company H. Jerome enlisted as a recruit in Waveland, IN., December, 1863. Pvt. Dooley served through the Atlanta Campaign and was wounded at the Battle of Franklin, TN.

Unfortunately, My son and I were to attend as members until an unforeseen problem arose. I am truly heartbroken that we could not attend, but I know that Company H was very well represented during the 150th anniversary event.

Thank you to the “Hairy Nation Boys” and other attendees for representing the 40th Indiana Reg’t. as your 150th Kennesaw Mt. impression. Bully for you!”


2 Responses to “Company H Weekend at Kennesaw Mt.”

  1. My great grandfather, Robert S. Wilson, joined the 40th Indiana volunteers in Jan. of 1864. He was listed as a deserter as of June 22, 1965. I understood that this designation was in error, and he got a disabled pension.

    How do I find out what battles he fought in and if, when and where he was wounded? My dad said he was building a breast works and a timber fell on him.

    Is there any record of the activity of the soldiers in Company H in 1864-65 that might explain what happened to him?

    Thank you.

    My email address is

    • 40thindiana Says:

      Hi Fred,

      Your best bet would be to obtain Robert’s pension records from the National Archives in Washington. It will be very detailed. During the 1864 Atlanta Campaign, there was constant fighting & skirmishing every day. The date of his accident would help determine what battles Robert participated in. The men were digging in a lot during the campaign.


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