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Indiana State Digital Archives

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The State of Indiana has completed work on it’s new Civil War soldier digital database. In most cases you can see the soldiers age, the date and place that the soldier enlisted and mustered out. It is usually noted if the soldier died and  cause of death is sometimes contained. A small amount of the soldiers have extra information about their occupation and place of residence. This is a wonderful tool to aid in the research of soldiers that served in the 40th Indiana as well as all of the men who served their country from the State of Indiana during the American Civil War.


Officers of Company B

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40th officers

A great image of the officer’s mess of Company B, 40th Indiana. Taken in the field at an unknown date, they seem to be enjoying dinner. Names in the image are Adjutant William Griswold; Capt. Orpheus C. Harvey and Lt. Albert Olinger. The man with the bottle to his mouth has no rank insignia that can be seen. The servant is unfortunately unidentified also. Lt. Olinger resigned February 24, 1864; this dates the image sometime before that date.

31st Indiana Inf. Letter with mention of the 40th Indiana

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HH Lough
Waveland Independent
Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
Friday, April 3, 1931

Readers of the Independent will note a letter that HH Lough wrote to his brother, Levi in March 1863. His daughter, Mrs. Frank Gardner, has handed us another dated May 21, 1864, and written from Camp of 31st Indiana Volunteers near Kingston, Georgia on the famous “March to the Sea.”

HH Lough
Dear Brother having a few spare moments for the first time in a long time, I will try to let you know how I am getting along. We left Ooltawah May 3rd and have been on the march every day since we have just been booting the Rebs through Georgia.we have had no very hard fighting but we have skirmished with them every day. We have only had six killed and twenty wounded in our regt none in our company. We stopped to rest yesterday and I don’t know whether we will stay here today or not but we will leave soon for they are sending all the sick to the hospital. I think that if our Army can hold out successful two weeks longer that this War will soon be over for they are getting in a small pen some of their deserters say that they are in great confusion and some say they are only falling back to a better position but they have left two of the strongest positions that our Army ever fronted, that was Buzzard Gap and the hills in front of Rasaka but then we have a few thousand men too many for them. We can march clear around them and fight them on all sides but that they don’t like so they kept moving to the rear all the time. I have come to the conclusion that you have concluded not to write for I have not received a letter from any of you since I have been back. I think it is getting time. I saw the 85th regt.  a few days ago. They had been in a fight and more of the boys was hurt. They looked pretty hard. They are not guarding railroad now and I don’t think they will be soon. The boys of the 40th are well. I never saw the Army in as good spirits as they are now but we are almost worn out marching but anything to get this war put down. Well I believe I have written all I feel like writing at present but will write as soon as I can get in camp again. This leaves me in good health and I hope it may find you the same. So no more but remain as ever your brother. HH Lough. The letter is addressed to Bethany, a post office that is now off the map.


Henry “Tip”Lough was a member of Company I; 31st Indiana, enlisting in 1861. He was raised in Parke Co, near Waveland, IN.; across the county line. He was well acquainted with many members of the 40th Indiana from the Waveland area. Waveland was called “hometown” to many Parke County men in the 31st, 33rd & 85th Indiana. Henry is buried in the Maple Ridge Cemetery, Waveland, IN.