Photographs of 40th Indiana Graves

Graves of brothers John and James Cole, company A. Both were killed in action at Kennesaw Mt. Graves located at Marietta National Cemetery.

cole bros.

Grave of Milton H. Porter, company H. Killed at Kennesaw Mt. Grave located at Marietta National Cemetery.

milton H. PORTER

Grave of Capt. Charles & Sgt. Scott Elliott located at Dayton
Tippecanoe County, Indiana. The brothers were killed during the assault at Kennesaw Mt., Ga.


Serg’t Joseph Wain O’Brien, Company H. b. Nov.3,1829 Monroe County Indiana.Died 1902 Johnson County, Iowa.


Serg’t Alvin Egnew, Company K. Killed during the assault on Missionary Ridge. Buried Chiskamauga – Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Cpl. George B. Smith; Co. F, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Independence, Kansas. (A special thanks to Judy Dillion for the submition!)

George Smith

Capt. Kirkpatrick’s grave, New Richmond Cemetery, New Richmond, Indiana.


Grave of Capt. Absalom Kirkpatrick; Co. G. Killed in the assult on Kennesaw Mt.


Grave of Brig. Gen. George Day Wagner, Armstrong Chapel Cemetery, Greenhill, Indiana.

George Wagner

Pvt. James Woodgate; Co. C, Waveland Presbyterian Cemetery.

James Woodgate

Pvt. John Groves; Co. C, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Waveland. Discharged for wounds recieved at Stones River.

John Groves

George W. Moore; Co. H, Old Union Cemetery, Waveland.

George W. Moore

Veteran Joseph Newton Fullenwider; Co. H, Maple Ridge Cemetery, Waveland.

Joseph Newton Fullenwider

Pvt. Joseph Belton; Co. H, Waveland Presbyterian Cemetery. Died in 1865 at Texana, Texas.

Pvt. Harrison Taylor Moore; Co. H, Waveland Presbyterian Cemetery. Died of wounds recieved at Resca.

Harrison Taylor Moore

Veteran John A. Reed/Read; Co. H, Waveland Methodist Cemetery.

John Reed

Veteran Jonathan Rice; Co. C, Freedom Cemetery, Waveland, Indiana.

Jonathan Rice

Sgt. William Galey; Co. C, Freedom Cemetery, Waveland, Indiana. Killed at Missionary Ridge.

Sgt. William Galey

Pvt. Josiah Davis; Co. C, Freedom Cemetery, Waveland, Indiana. Died of wounds recieved at Missionary Ridge.

Josiah Davis

Hanna Brothers, Freedom Cemetery, Waveland, Indiana

Hanna Brothers

Cpl. Robert Hanna; Co. C, killed at Missionary Ridge.

Cpl. Robert Hanna

Lt James Hanna; Co. C, died of wounds from Missionary Ridge.

Lt. James Hanna


3 Responses to “Photographs of 40th Indiana Graves”

  1. Eric Lowman Says:

    I think I might have written you before on find a grave. Do you have a listing of burials of the 40th Indiana Infantry? I am especially interested in the burial sites of soldiers from the regiment that died during the war. I am working on about about all of the Indiana Soldiers that died in the Civil War and am currently filling in gaps. I am also looking for pictures of soldiers that died in the war, and short stories about these men. If you have any information I would love to hear from you. Also, I have a listing of the gravesites of well over 200 men of the 40th Indiana that you might be interested in posting to your website. Let me know what you think,
    Eric Lowman

    • Serena Moon Says:

      William C. Myers (Myres here) was my grandfather, and he lost an arm due to a gunshot. He didn’t lose it immediately, I gather infection set in later. He’s buried in Kingman Co., KY, and is listed on the website showing Civil War Veterans there. You can also get original copies of pension petitioner lists (widows listed, too) from William is there listing his widow (Clarissa Myers) as the petitioner.

  2. Harvey Bell Says:

    I will refer you to the following grave/cenotaph on FindAGrave: Capt. Henry Hazelrigg Co. K 40th In Inf. per yhour website.

    Oak HIll Cemetery, Lebanon, Indiana.

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