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I live in Montgomery County, Indiana,  the Wabash Valley region of Central Indiana. I have been a student of the Civil war since I was very young. I have four 19th Century grandfathers that served during the war.  Zephaniah H. Crain, 10th Indiana Inf.,Co. B (Crawfordsville Guard), he was wounded by a musket-ball on the wrist at Mill Springs, KY. and lost an eye at Perryville, KY.; William David Lee, 52nd Tennessee Inf. (C.S.), Co. B, who was wounded at the battle of Murfreesboro, TN. and later served in Biffle’s 9th (19th) Tenn. Cavalry until war’s end; Jesse McCracken, 136th Ohio Inf. (100 day regiment),David Vroman, 15th Ohio Inf., Co. D, early 1862 disability discharge. David would loose two sons in the Union Army.

Why the 40th Indiana? I was raised in the town of Waveland, Indiana. 80+ men from that area served in two companies of the 40th Indiana Reg’t. Growing up beside the Waveland Presbyterian Cemetery, I was always fascinated by the graves of the Civil War soldiers there. I would read the inscriptions on the graves of Harrison Taylor Moore and J. W. Richards. Moore died of wounds he received at the battle of Resaca, GA., while Richards died of disease at Tullahoma, TN. Joseph Belton also rests there, he died of disease 1/28/1865 after being in the war for a year. Although they were no longer in this world, those men made quite an impression on a young boy.

I have two relatives that served in the regiment from the Waveland area, Henry M. Alward, Co. H, he died of disease, April 1863 at Murfreesboro, TN.; and Jonathan Rice, who served 3 years in Co. C. Also in Wagner’s Brigade were three other family members, two of whom  served 3 years in the 15th Indiana Infantry; Samuel Moser, Co. G & Albert Robinson, Co. E (wounded Missionary Ridge). Jacob Ricketts was drafted in September 1864 and placed in Co. D, 57th Indiana Inf., he was engaged in the actions at Franklin and Nashville.

I think it is important to share any information found on the regiment. There was never a regimental history written, although it was talked about according to several 40th Ind. reunion minutes. Their record in battle is second to no other regiment in the Union Army. The men that served in this regiment deserve their stories and deeds to be told. In most of the battle histories where the regiment was present, the “Order of Battle” in the back of a book is about the only time one will see regiment’s name in print. They were much more than just a side note to the conflict.

Scott R. Busenbark


12 Responses to “About Myself”

  1. Suezy O'Brien House Says:

    Hello! I found your site while searching for my ancestors. Joseph Wain O’Brien was brother to my Great Great Grandfather John Washington O’Brien. I was thrilled to find JW O’Brien’s Civil War info here. Are there pictures anywhere of the soldiers? He served in Company H and C as Lieutenant and Captain. Any other info or links would be great. He’s the only one that I have been able to tie into the Civil War so far. I am sure there had to be other family members also involved.
    Suezy O’Brien House /Kansas

  2. Craig G. Pete Says:


    I have sought this information (ANY information) on the 40th Indiana for actually decades! On a whim, I thought that I’d try “Googling” the 40th “just one more time” and there you were! My GGFather was Thomas J. Salisbury of Company “I”.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Craig Gideon Pete

  3. Allen Andrews Says:

    I am interested in the 40th Ind., co. F due to the fact that I will be portraying one of its Lebanon members, Jesse Ness. He was the local GAR commander in 1912 when we dedicated the Boone Co. courthouse. I now need to research the WV campaign after which our post was named: Rich Mountain. There were 13 Indiana inf. rgts. there among the 3 bdes. engaged. I also host the local CW roundtable here in Lebanon. We are always looking for speakers!
    Allen Andrews

    • 40thindiana Says:

      Thanks for your comments Allen. The GAR post was probably named Rich Mountain because of the 10th Indiana Infantry’s actions there. You really would not want me to speak, not a crowd person. lol

  4. Bob Schueler Says:

    Scott, I have a cache of CW documents regarding private, SgtMaj and finally 1st Lt Dan’l Royse, including mustering reports, dispatches and professional/private correspondence. I also have the 40th IVI microfiche from the state archives. You probably know that Royse started with the 40th IVI and then was assigned as aide-de-camp to George D. Wagner. He was injured and even had a couple of horses shot out from under him. He died at an early age — possibly from war wounds ?? Perhaps we could get in touch and share info as I have a keen interest in Mr. Royse and his exploits along with the 40th IVI and have gaps in my knowledge. I’d love to see a regimental history written. I started working on one 10 years ago but life had other plans. Thank you for your site. It’s a real gem!

    • 40thindiana Says:

      Thank you Bob. I do know who Dan’l Royse was, but I do not have a wealth of information on him. I would not doubt that life as a soldier shortened Mr. Royse’s life. Much of the information I have on this regiment is on this site. It is such a shame that no regimental history was ever written. I am willing to share any information I have on the 40th Ind. Again, Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Alvin Townley Jr Says:

    Scott, I just wanted to add a “Thank You” for all of the research and information that you have made available on this site to honor and keep alive the memory of the 40th Ind. My CW ancestor was a 5th Sgt in the 66th Georgia and was wounded in a charge at the Battle of Peachtree Creek. I have always been curious about the units that he faced and your website has answered so many of my questions.

  6. Love your site. It is a wealth of information about my ancestor Lewis Sippy’s 40th Ind. Inf.. Thank you

  7. Mr. L. R. Stokes Says:

    Thank you for your informative site. While researching my family history, I came across your site and found my Great Grandfather, Robert Stokes, Company G, 40th Indiana, Infantry, West Point, White, Indiana, listed. What a thrill it is to see a relative listed here. Thank you so much.
    Mr. L.R. Stokes

  8. Ken Thompson Says:

    Great web site, I have 6 letters from James and John Cole
    we need to meet and talk about our common interest in the 40th Indiana. Ken Thompson

  9. Anthony C Meeks Says:

    I administer a Facebook Group called Indiana Civil War Scrapbook. The purpose of the group is a place to share items about Indiana in the Civil War such as articles, letters, pictures, photographs, records, and stories. I wanted to let you know about the group and invite you to take a look at it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1811544312476306/

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